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Get it free, get it right, get it now

As you’ll have spotted, most employee benefits on this site are either free, or can be cost-neutral to run. And you can get going online, right now. Which means you can quickly and easily boost your employees’ health and wellbeing at little or no cost; and even save money along the way.


These rewards are all designed be low-cost or extremely cost-effective, giving you a better return from your budget (no matter who you’re saying ‘Thank you’, ‘Well done’ or ‘Welcome’ to). Great for employees – ideal for consumer loyalty and acquisition programmes.


We’ve been providing companies like yours with best in benefits and rewards for over thirty five years. In fact, we’ve tens of thousands of clients of all sizes, many of whom have been with us for decades. So you can rely on us to know our stuff, and do it well.


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